Wireless Mesh Networking


Quick deployable Mesh network Rmesh

The authorities and security services need to be able to rely on a functioning infrastructure in every situation. This is especially important when it comes to the disaster or other temporary operations that cannot or do not rely on public communication.The Rmesh family enables the installation and operation of a wireless infrastructure, which can be set up quickly and reliably. The individual stations of the Rmesh family together form a large wireless mesh, which is dynamic and mobile. 

Each new station is automatically integrated into the wireless mesh, provided the correct keys are entered. The communication within the mesh is fully encrypted so that the traffic cannot be overheard or manipulated.The mesh can be connected to the public LTE network by means of a mobile radio interface in order to be connected to the authorities' servers and computers. 

A simple DSL or cable modem allows access to the wired Internet, if this access is available.Within the mesh, the data rate is 450 Mbit / sec over 2km. The stations are used as amplifiers to expand the mesh locally, as well as to provide access to the mesh and the complete network. Access is via LAN interfaces for PC / LAPTOP or Wi-Fi. 

The Wi-Fi interface for all wireless devices makes it especially easy to use the infrastructure of the mesh. When Wi-Fi clients move, they are roamed from one access point to the next, and do not have to re-log themselves all the time.

The stations of the Rmesh family can also move and thus constantly change the structure of the mesh. New paths are automatically searched and found. When new stations are registered this allows better connections, the new connection is recognised and used independently within the mesh. In this case, a mesh does not have to be repeatedly cross-linked, individual chains of Rmesh stations can form in order to reach remote locations. For example, areas with large building shadows that are frequently found in cities, within houses but also in mountain valleys. These can be reached quickly and safely with Rmesh. Using your mobile phone and our wireless mesh networking platform there has never been an easier way to have a secure mobile phone infrastructure. 


  • Wireless Router / Wireless Switch
  • Full encrypted wireless meshed network
  • 1x mobile uplink (optional)
  • 1x WiFi AP (optional)
  • Battery available (optional)