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Thermal and night vision for all


What about the guys in the field? Night vision for all.

Multi sensor PTZ cameras are great for the overview from the control room, but what about the guys and girls on the ground? Security, policing, rescue, and fire teams all require the ability to make tactical decisions in low light conditions. With a growing customer base of multi sensor cameras, Rvision did not have a solution for handheld.

Rvision are now pleased to announce its strategic relationship with Thermoteknix Systems Ltd. 

Founded in 1982 and with 30 years of consistent technical breakthroughs in infrared (IR) thermal imaging and thermal measurement based hardware, systems and software application products, Thermoteknix has been driven by reliably taking care of our customers’ most challenging needs. Recognized in 1998 by the award of the prestigious “Queen’s Award For Export Achievement”, and by the “Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation)” in 2008 and again in 2015, Thermoteknix is one of the world’s leading sources of thermal imaging expertise and excellence. 

Thermoteknix share the same qualities for product quality, reliability and customer attention, that Rvision is constantly achieving.

There are other well-known cameras on the market, before you make a purchasing decision, it costs nothing but time, to try any of these products. Make an informed decision, not a well marketed one. Thermoteknix and Rvision offering more than just an image.

Rvision, does it again.

Rvision are very pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Infinitioptics.

Infinitioptics combines the most advanced electro-optics and video surveillance technologies into customized products that meet our client’s specific requirements. Our custom build approach allows us to design and configure complete end-to-end solutions based on actual needs and budget requirements, not a manufacturers' specs and limitations. We believe in providing an effective and honest solution and are wholeheartedly committed to the quality and performance of our products.

This partnership brings together the same values of each company, providing leading hardware and software to deliver outstanding results.

No longer just a product for the military but for you to. The commitment that Rvision have bringing leading and cutting-edge technology into the UK and its dependences is second to none.

The videos speak for themselves, there is not another product currently on the market as versatile as this. With worldwide sales to some of the world’s biggest organisations, Infinitioptics are now in the UK. 

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Rvision partners with Rayvn

Rvision partners with RAYVN. Incident Management Software.

Alert, Engage, Resolve

This agreement strengthens Rvisions vision of a safer world, insuring the right people are in the right place at the right time.

Rvision sees RAYVN as a perfect fit for their security solutions. The tool is modern, easy to use, requires a minimum amount of training and has proven in real life that it is used during a crisis. These were some of the qualities we were looking for when searching for an incident management software.

Who are you sitting next to?

Rvision Ltd is pleased to announce its partnership with CRITIFENCE®


Rvision Ltd is pleased to announce its partnership with CRITIFENCE®

CRITIFENCE® is a leading Cyber Security vendor specialized in Critical Infrastructure, SCADA and OT Networks. CRITIFENCE® provides unique Cyber Security solutions designed for Critical Infrastructure, SCADA and Industrial Control Systems which allow to monitor and control OT network easily and totally passively. CRITIFENCE® designed to deal with the challenge of defending stable and complex OT environments combine different hardware equipment such PLCs, HMIs and more which serve high-importance critical processes in Critical Infrastructures, SCADA and Industrial Control Systems.

CRITIFENCE® development team combined from top experienced SCADA and cyber security experts and researchers of the IDF’s Technology & Intelligence Unit 8200 (Israel’s NSA) is focused in developing a powerful, comprehensive and easy to install cyber security solution for Critical Infrastructures, SCADA and Industrial Control Systems. Our vision is a secure and survivable cyber defence methodology of physical processes in Critical Infrastructures, SCADA and Industrial Control Systems.

CRITIFENCE® provides a reliable, stable and yet innovative cyber security solution for Critical Infrastructures, SCADA/ICS and Process Control Systems. Our Critical Infrastructures (CI) and SCADA/ICS Cyber Security vision is a secure and survivable cyber defence methodology of physical processes in Critical Infrastructures, SCADA and Industrial Control Systems.

CRITIFNCE® SCADA research engaged in cyber and physical security threats and vulnerabilities of critical infrastructures with a focus on process control networks and SCADA systems.

Rvision Ltd will be supplying and supporting this much needed product through the UK and its dependencies. 

The UK’s national infrastructure and associated assets, as well as a broader range of UK businesses and organisations, currently face threats from international and domestic terrorism, espionage and other hostile foreign activity.

Understanding the threat facing your business is key to ensuring protective security measures and mitigations are proportionate, effective and responsive.

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