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But what about the ping speed???

Dark Fibre: Why a cursory glance will never suffice

 Dark fibre. A subject that’s buried at the heart of telecoms and, by implication, digital business in general. It’s complicated, sure. Which is why a cursory glance can lead to entire misunderstanding. So, this exclusive white paper is intended to open up the complexities of this technology in an accessible way. Whether you’re completely new to dark fibre, or ready to go a little deeper, it’s the perfect primer.

UK emergency crews get 4G smartmobes

No surprise here then!

In light of these issues, it is likely that Motorola's Airwave system will have to be kept running after its intended switch-off in 2020, adding to the total cost of activating the ESN. ®

The solution is here

It will perform very well with there new smartmobes