Critifence cyber security


OT Network Discovery (OND) and PLC Models Classification (PMC) Modules provide full visibility of ICS and SCADA hardware over the OT network, OT network topology, active hardware components and the relation between them in real time 


Anomaly Detection Engine (ADE) and Auto-Discover Module (ADM) allow detection of malicious activities and cyber-attacks over the OT network, and for passive detection of new guests devices and hardware equipment the OT network. 


Machine Learning module (MLM) collects OT network traffic and to analyzes the behavior of OT network and hardware equipment. Process Learning Engine (PLM) analyze process related commands, values and set points. scada networks, cyber security, cyber attack.


Inventory Management Module (ILM) and the OT Cyber Security Policy Management (OTSPM) allow to manage OT network hardware and large-scale of SCADADome Agent appliances in order to manage and control cyber security policy in large and complex OT environments. 


  SCADARadar is a Critical Infrastructure, SCADA, ICS and IIoT hardware equipment radar which enables researchers, 

analysts and cyber security experts to get the most updated information about hardware equipment and SCADA networks 

which connected over the internet. 


Detection of SCADA cyber-attack vectors. Detection of abnormal access and connectivity to target devices over the OT network. Detection of cyber-attacks tools and different behavioral patterns of other tools include scanners, fuzzers and enumeration tools.