Facial Biometrics, compliant and non compliant systems

Facial biometrics

Facial Biometrics can be categorised into two areas, being compliant and non compliant. 

Compliant includes something for you, like opening a door. Non compliant includes identifying persons of interest.

Incident management software. Event and Crisis


Alert, Engage, Resolve

The idea behind RAYVN is to create an effective and user-friendly system for managing incident and crisis. So when something happens, you don’t have to worry about handling a complicated tool as well.

See the full spectrum. Military-Grade PTZ Camera System


 There are many types of imaging technologies available, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Instead of choosing one set of pros and cons over another, Infiniti designs multi-sensor systems that allow you to easily take advantage of multiple imaging technologies simultaneously. 

Transceivers, converters, industrial, optical switching


This is where we differ from the norm. We work with you and the manufacturers to deliver what you want and not what others 'just have'. 

You can stand out. You do have a choice.

From basic conversion to 10 gbps dwdm, we have the right solution for you.

Thermal/Night Vision for all, more than just an image.


 Thermoteknix Systems Ltd is a dynamic and innovative team capable of both off-the-shelf and customised thermal, night vision and fused night vision solutions.

The thermal/night vision range includes NiCAM Image Intensifiers, TiCAM thermal imaging monoculars and binoculars and award-winning ClipIR clip on thermal imagers for fused night vision.

Mesh Networking, quick network deployment


What happens when there is no mobile signal in an area? 

How can you set up a short term wide area network (WAN)? 

Do you need a fully secured link without the outlay of costly infrastructure?

Mesh Networking is the solution.

Drone detection and threat mitigation

Detect and Deter

Drone detection

Due to the nature of these products please email ian@rvision.co.uk for further information

SCADADome. Cyber Defense for Critical Infrastructure



Most of our Critical Infrastructure, factories and plants are managing and operating their processes through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Now they are connected to the internet cyber attacks are happening too frequently. 

Infrared Panoramic cameras, visual radar



Can see what you cannot. Do you have a sensitive site that can be seen by drones but you cannot see them with your eyes?

Our infrared solutions may help.

Aerial Platforms fixed wing and multirotors

Your Ruav built with your vision by Rvision in colaboration with DroneVolt

dronevolt uav aerial platform drone

 It started as a hobby and quickly grew into a business. We can design and build most types of flying platforms. This includes small drones to full blown long endurance reconnaissance fixed wing UAV's.  

People screening


Rvision provide a specialist thermal camera that allows a user to
see any type of item hidden in clothing at a distance greater than 5m. 

Software Integration from our platforms to yours



How many different systems do you have? 

The big question is, how many do you want? 

We can integrate most of our software platforms to your existing systems so you only need to learn one.