Night and thermal imaging for everyone

TiCAM range


Lightweight and compact, the TiCAM range is vast, from target location to video recording, suitable for forward observation squads, infantry, border security and special units.

NiCAM range


Image Intensifiers are a miniature, lightweight night vision goggle(s) (NVG) for military and civilian applications including special forces, search & rescue, police, border security, target acquisition, counter drug operations, park rangers monitoring wildlife/illegal game hunters, VIP protection and for general situational awareness. 

TiSIGHT range


 The Thermoteknix TiSIGHT-DV50 direct view thermal weapon sight is based on a Thermoteknix very low power MicroCAM thermal core providing up to 14 hours operation on 4xAA lithium batteries. 



 Fused Night Vision from Thermoteknix
Modern night time combat requires full operational effectiveness in varying conditions and terrains, from inner city to dense jungle. 



ClipIR Small Thermal Imager Clip On – Fused Night Vision
Fused night vision is the new standard for low light operations.