Your Ruav built with your vision by Rvision in collaboration with DroneVolt

If you have specialist equipment that needs to be used airborne such as air pollution monitoring equipment, cameras, telecom products then RVision has a RUAV solution.


We can help you to deliver a high-speed networking using our mesh product to provide a dome of connectivity, or jammers.  

We were the first to add facial recognition to UAV’s for scanning crowds of people. 

Our multirotor platforms are ip rated and can be used in wind speeds over 25mph.  

Our platforms are built to the highest standards with the toughest materials, yes it can withstand over 100kg force without breaking.

Flight times are dependent on the payload being carried, the environmental conditions it is flying in and of course, how it is flown. 30-minute flight times are typical. 

A tethered option is available. This is where the UAV is powered via the ground station enabling it to fly almost indefinitely while using the onboard GPS to hold position.  

Base models are off the shelf, but so are many other very good machines. We will design and build around your requirements, using our specialist manufacturing techniques, that have yet to be matched, let alone beaten. 

The full range can be see here 

DRONE VOLT, manufacturer of professional drones, has recognized expertise in the development of new aerial technologies and the design of drones used for civil applications since 2011. Thanks to its technical expertise and its experience, DRONE VOLT, located in France and abroad (Denmark, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Italy and the United States), designs and manufactures commercial drones for various applications for safety, construction, audio-visual, civil engineering and agriculture.